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Baccarat Game Odds

Baccarat is a casino card game that offers its players relatively good odds because the game is quite simple and fair as players will only have three wagering options and each hand is played depending on a fixed set of rules. The rules of Baccarat were carefully constructed in order to create a small but a measurable advantage for the house for the two bets, the player and the banker while creating a huge advantage for the house in the tie bet.

Baccarat Odds

According to complex studies and calculations, it is estimated the banker hand will win approximately 50.68 percent of the times of all of the hands that do not end in a tie and that the player bet will win 49.32 percent of the time. For example, players who place 100 credits worth of wagers on the player hand will expect to lose 50.68 of these credits while winning 49.32. The exact difference between the two is equal to 1.36 percent, which means the house has a 1.36 percent edge against the players wager.

If the banker bet does not offer any house advantage, and if it wins more than 50% of the time, why do casinos offer this game? The fact is, casinos know this and charge a 5% commission on any winnings from the banker bets, thus making up for the advantage.

The betting odds for the banker bets can be calculated like this: If baccarat players wager 100 credits, taking into consideration the five percent commission, players are going to win 0.95 of every 1 credit they wager. If they are expected to win 50.68 percent of the time (multiply 0.95 by 50.68), it means that players will get 48.15. Players are still expected to lose 49.32, so the difference is equal to 1.17 which means that the house has a 1.17 percent advantage.

  A tie will occur almost 9.55 percent of the time in any game of baccarat, which means the real odds of this bet are 9.47 to 1. Dividing 9.55 into one-hundred results in 10.47 while taking into consideration that players will get their original bet back. So instead of winning 10.47, players will wind up with only nine. If we divide the difference, 1.47, into 10.47, it shows that the house has an advantage that is equal 14.4 percent. Although a lot of players might be tempted by the eight to one payout that the tie bet offers, it is unfavorable if it is compared to the player and the banker bets.

After all is said and done, it is obvious the best logical bet according to the given odds is the banker bet. Even after deducting the five percent commission, the banker bet still has the most favorable odds that a game of baccarat can offer.



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