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Bingo Game Rules

While different bingo venues and halls have different rules, the same general guidelines are applied everywhere. We are going to discuss the general rules:

Bingo players who achieve a winning pattern on any of their cards have to yell BINGO in order to grab the attention of the caller and the other players.

  • Any individual who is sitting in the bingo hall has to be involved in the game; any persons who are not participating in the game will not be permitted inside of the hall. The audience is not allowed into the halls.
  • Players who would like to repeat the numbers that the caller calls can do it quietly in their head but they are not permitted to repeat them out loud. This can disturb other players and causes them to lose their concentration.
  • The players are not permitted to address the caller except to ask him to call the numbers louder or slower. Some players who might be on a losing streak tend to scream at the caller and ask for the caller to be changed, but this is not acceptable at all.
  • Players are not permitted to leave the hall unless the game is over. If they leave while the game is still in play, they will not be allowed to re-enter.
  • Players will yell bingo when they form a winning pattern; there are different patterns that players can achieve.These patterns are:
  • – A Line Pattern is when bingo players mark off all five numbers that exist on any horizontal line on the bingo ticket.
    – Two Lines is when players mark off five numbers on two of the horizontal lines on one of their bingo cards.
    – Full House is the biggest win and has the highest payout. It is when players mark off all of the numbers on one of their Bingo cards.

    Most bingo venues, especially in the UK, start the bingo game with a line game. When someone achieves a line, they start a two-line game and then end with a full house game. Some other venues might only play a full house game directly. In the UKs National Bingo Game, they do not play 1 line or 2 line, but they do play Full House.

    The rules of online bingo are much simpler as there is no bingo hall, so players can call out numbers loudly, they can sit and watch or do whatever they want. The only rules they are interested in are the winning patterns and payouts. Players will be able to view these rules at each game as every game has its own rules and payouts. Players should check the rules of each game before they start playing to know what they are getting themselves into.



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