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Bingo Game Strategy

Bingo is a pure game of luck because the numbers are randomly drawn whether manually or through an RNG. The game doesnt have enough complexity to qualify as a game where players can beat the house. Most gambling experts view Bingo as a game of chance and believe there are no techniques or strategies that would guarantee a win. Despite that, there are some tips that can help you slightly increase your chance of winnings:

Bingo Strategy

The Number of Cards:

One of the most common strategies of bingo players is playing with as many cards possible to increase the chance of winning. If you have more cards, there is a bigger chance the caller will call your number. Some experts say four cards is the best number but this can change according to the number of other players and the jackpot amount of the game.

Also, some venues will not allow players to play with a lot of cards and some even obligate players to have the same amount of cards, like Bingo games that take place in churches.

Choose a Number of Cards that you can watch:

Although you should play with as many cards as you can, it does not mean you should buy so many you cant follow and watch them all. Buying a lot of cards but being unable to mark off the numbers or follow them is pointless and is a waste of time and money.

The Variety of Numbers:

Another important aspect is not only the number of cards but the variety of the numbers on these cards. When players plan to purchase more than one card, they should view the cards and choose those that do not have a lot of common numbers so they can increase their chances of winning.

The Number of Players Involved:

Join bingo games that have a low number of players as this increases your chance of winning. Avoiding event days and special games is advisable. Although this increases your chances, it also increases the chances of other players.

Attention and Concentration:

Players should listen carefully to the caller and must make sure that they are marking off the correct numbers.

Always Choose the Auto-Daub Mode:

Auto-Daub is present in online bingo. With this feature, the game marks off the numbers that are called automatically. This can be very helpful when you are playing with a large number of bingo cards as they can be a little hard to follow.


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